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World-class production:
Have a look inside LINAK and see the world-class production facilities at LINAK headquarters in Denmark. Then you will know how the high quality of the electric actuators is ensured. We also have production in the U.S., China and Slovakia, producing in the exact same high quality.

Moving is Living:
Moving is a part of life. And it shouldn’t stop at the door of your office. Imagine a technology that allows your workspace to adapt to you.
LINAK electric actuators allow workspaces to move with you at the simple touch of a button. Give motion to your workspace.

LINAK Solar Park:
LINAK has its own solar park placed next to our headquarters.
The park is one of the largest self-contained photovoltaic parks in Denmark and has been running successfully since February 2011.
You can learn more about our solar park by watching this video.

LINAK World of Actuators:
Meet LINAK, our products, our people and our services in this newly produced video about our organisation. The video has been shown on the European News Channel EuroNews reaching a large audience. Now it is your turn.

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